Omarion – Nudes

Omarion – Nudes Mp3 Download. Omarion – Nudes Mp3 Download.

Download Free Audio By Omarion Titled “Nudes”.

Omarion Nudes :Omarion is not a man of subtlety on his new track, but we’d expect nothing less from the artist who gave us Sex Playlist. “#Nudes” gives it all away in the title, and while Omarion is up-front with his request for salacious DMs, the way that the song unfolds is a little more surprising.

Cascading synths light the way, building a lush backdrop for O’s conversational singing on the verses, each closing syllable echoing in stereo. A female voice is sampled on the hook, bouncing off of his audacious request with a “Really??”


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